Welcome to the Cronus documentation

Cronus is an open-source framework that helps you to solve business problems with less time spent on infrastructure concerns. Applications built with Cronus are centered around three core concepts:

While many types of applications can be built using Cronus, it has proven to be very popular for microservices architectures. Cronus provides an innovative and powerful way of sensibly evolving to event-driven microservices within a microservice architecture.

What is Cronus?

Cronus has its roots way back in 2012 when a couple of passionate software engineers started building the infrastructure for a software project using DDD/CQRS/ES. The results were quite impressive and the team started growing. Everybody was sharing the same vision and passion for going beyond the boundaries of their skills. The amazing part of this story is that this hasn't changed. Cronus is a reflection of our philosophy for building great software solutions.